Mandrel Tube Bending

Eaton Leonard VB300 GP CNC Mandrel Tube Bender

We have (1) Eaton Leonard VB 300 GP CNC Mandral Tube Bender capable of bending 80 mm (3.15") diameter tubing, Eaton Leonard's VB 300 GP combines the latest technology and features for maximum productivity, part quality, reliability and fast set-up. Typical applications include automotive exhaust tubes, structural components and high strength aircraft tubing.

The VB 300 GP uses a heavy-duty hydraulic system to power its high-capacity bend arm. The entire bend arm and head assembly incorporates high load-carrying components engineered for superior reliability.

Key standard features are incorporated on the VB 300 GP. Linear roller bearings with automatic lubrication are used on the pressure die, follower slide and centerline radius adjustment. A high-performance rack and pinion servomotor-driven carriage offers exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Quick-change collets provide fast tooling changeovers.

The Eaton Leonard VB 300 GP has several unique accessories for extremely fast setup and changeover. A dual-mode, self-calibrating pressure die system automatically calibrates pressure die position for quick setup. Quick setup is further realized through the programmable centerline line radius and power assisted tool change features.

VB 300 GP Features


Pines #1 Mandrel Tube Bender

We have (2) Pines #1 Mandrel Tube Benders, one is digitally controlled and one is manually controlled. Both of our machines have a capacity of 1-1/2" x .120" round tube, 1" Sch-80 pipe and 1 1/4" square tube.